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Availability of Indian Food for Indians Studying MBBS in Georgia

Availability of Indian Food for Indians Studying MBBS in Georgia
20 Mar

Many Indian students consider studying MBBS in Georgia rather than in India or any other country for a host of reasons — low education fees, better education system, quality teachers, and whatnot. 

Though pursuing MBBS in Georgia is undoubtedly an excellent choice for most Indian students, some students often find themselves in the dilemma of whether they should go for it or look for another country. The reason? The reason — even though it’s absurd — is the misconception that there is no availability of Indian food in Georgia. 

Indian food holds special importance for almost every Indian. So, it makes sense why so many students would withdraw from enrolling in the best medical universities in Georgia. However, the truth is far from this. 

In this blog, we will discuss whether there is Indian food available in Georgia and, if there is, what options are available for Indian students. 

Why study MBBS in Georgia?

Here are some of the reasons we have listed why you should study MBBS in Georgia:

Why study MBBS in Georgia

1. Quality Medical Education

Home to some of the world’s renowned medical universities, Georgia is best known for offering exceptional medical education to Indian students at a surprisingly low cost, ranging from $3000 to $8000. Plus, the housing and hostel prices in the country are much lower than in other countries, including India.

2. Ease of Education

Getting admission to the best medical universities in Georgia is more straightforward, saving students a lot of time and hassles. The admission process can also be made much simpler with the help of the best Georgia education consultants.

3. Safety of Students

Situated at the intersection of Eastern Europe and West Asia, Georgia is one of the safest countries for pursuing medicine abroad, especially for women, owing to its strict laws and low crime rate. 

4. Higher Quality of Life

When it comes to living standards, the country offers a higher quality of life. With easy access to shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, and other public institutions, students have an easy time meeting their daily needs while studying here. Plus, there is no shortage of PVRs and entertainment centres, enabling them to get a much-needed break from their stressful schedule now and again. 

Indian Food and Georgia: Unfolding the Truth

You may be surprised to know that thousands of Indian students enroll in the best medical universities of Georgia every year to pursue their dream of studying abroad. 

It is estimated there are currently more than 1500 Indian students living in Georgia. With a number so massive, it is no brainer that the demand for Indian food is bound to skyrocket in the country, giving locals tons of business opportunities to serve their foreign guests with the food they crave. 

As a result of the increased demand, more and more Indian food restaurants and cafes are increasingly opening up throughout the country. But more importantly, the concentration of these cafes and restaurants is higher near college campuses, hostels, and communities where Indian students live.

In short, Indian students planning to study MBBS in Georgia will never have to worry about having access to Indian food as there are Indian Restaurants and cafes at every nook and corner in Georgia, helping students adjust to the country’s culture easily. 

Types of Indian Food Available

People all over the world know what makes Indian food so delicious and lip-smacking — spices and flavours. Georgia's food businesses have quickly adapted the unique cooking style of Indians and put their learnings into preparing Indian food for their guests — Indian students. 

It turns out that they are now more than equipped to serve a range of Indian meals, from vegetarian to non-vegetarians and everything in between. 

No matter which Indian dish you crave, you can easily find it in the streets of Georgia and have an easy time living there. So, say goodbye to your dilemma and get admission to the medical university of your choice by getting in touch with the best Georgia education consultants.