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Top 5 Countries to Study Engineering Abroad

Top 5 Countries to Study Engineering Abroad
30 Mar

Plenty of countries may come to your mind as you plan on studying engineering abroad. But which one is the perfect fit for your requirements is still a question that troubles many students like you. Student facilities, friendliness, infrastructure, and post-programme services are a few factors that separate the outstanding universities from others.

Top 5 Countries to Study Engineering Abroad

Here are some suggestions to consider if you are an aspired engineering student planning to study abroad.

Engineering is broadly categorized into different streams. When it comes to choosing chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer science engineering, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering, Ukrainian Universities appear next in the suggestions.

Kyiv National Technical University, Poltava State Technical University, Donetsk National Technical University, and Ternopil State Technical University are some of the best recommendations in Ukraine for students willing to study engineering abroad in terms of fee structure, infrastructure, and future opportunities.

  • Germany

Germany has built a reputation for providing engineering education to international students. Being the world leader in research, science, and Technology, the famous eight engineering colleges in Germany rank among the top 100 colleges globally. If you opt to study engineering abroad, IT, Automation, and Mechanical Engineering are some of the disciplines you can consider enrolling in German universities.

German-made innovations are almost everywhere around the world. Excelling in the education sector, engineering universities such as the Technical University of Munich, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and the Technical University of Berlin offer a broad spectrum of engineering courses. Many engineering colleges also grant internship opportunities to students, helping them find the right place in the industry.

  • Australia

The number of international students has increased in Australian Universities in the past two decades. The main reasons for this are a better learning atmosphere, friendly teaching staff, and world-class infrastructure at affordable fees.

Australia has built an immense reputation in the education sector with its engineering Universities offering exactly what students need. Known for an excellent education system, top engineering institutions like the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, Monash University, RMIT University have focused on practical learning rather than just rote learning. 

The degree holders from Australian universities are recognized globally, where international students can easily achieve their qualifications in a plethora of fields and disciplines. There is a lot to explore in the engineering degree programs as an international student.

  • Canada

Canada holds a record for educating international students through a simplified education system, world-class faculties, and technologically upgraded infrastructure. The country has been listed among the top countries with the highest number of international students.

University of Toronto, Ontario, University of British Columbia, University of Waterloo, McGill University, and Montreal University of Alberta are renowned institutions to start your education in engineering. Despite the massive influx of students, these institutions have kept their reputation by upkeeping education standards. Engineering degrees in Canada are highly recognized worldwide. Canada is a great place for aspired engineers to kickstart their careers.

  • Singapore

Singapore is an excellent choice for you if you wish to study engineering abroad with budgetary concerns. Even though the country has a high living standard, it has kept the education standards top-notch and affordable for every international student.

This country is where you'll find some prestigious institutions, namely, Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, and Singapore Management University. First-class infrastructure & technology, lower cost of education, and extensive employment opportunities after graduation have made Singapore a preferable education destination for engineering students.

How to choose the best Engineering University Abroad?

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