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NEET Exam 2021 Update: 12th of Sept. 2021.


Welcome To CHINA

For Indian students planning to pursue MBBS or any other medical degree abroad, China can be an ideal choice, for it offers the best value for money through its well-structured education system and counts of career opportunities in renowned, world-class institutions and research centres. Plus, getting quality medical education here isn’t heavy on the pocket, enabling middle-class and low-income families from around the world to send their children abroad for a better future. We, at Paraakhya Education Foundation (PEF), help students from all backgrounds get admission to the best universities in China and fulfil their dream of studying abroad.

Welcome To CHINA

Eligibility, Fee, and Lifestyle in China for MBBS (Indian Students)

Here is the summary of MBBS in China reviews, meant for Indian Students.

Eligibility and Admissions

It is very easy for Indian Nationals to get admissions in China for MBBS.

Number of MCI Approved Universities

Almost all the students who apply get through into some of the Universities as it is very easy for Indian students to get admissions in China for MBBS because the Medical Council of India has approved many universities to teach MBBS in China for Indian students. Thus students can easily choose according to their budget and other requirements.

The Climate in china varies as China is a big country. So students can find universities in a specific region.


The rich and varied heritage and culture of China give many opportunities to Indian students so that they can easily adapt themselves. China remains intact to its roots-its ancient practices, heritage and culture so it is easy to adjust. It is easy for an Indian student to get familiar with the Chinese lifestyle and practices.


Multi- Culture Environment

Being a cosmopolitan country, China has a multicultural environment, which makes living easy in a foreign land, China is also a highly civilized country making it very easy to stay.

Employment Advantage

China has one of the highest growing economies in the world so students have a lot of opportunities after they complete their program. It is an additional career option available for Indian students to pursue a career in the medical field in china itself.

Safety And Security

China is also one of the safest and secure places for Indian students to study in.


Mandarin is the national and widely spoken language in China, students need to learn Chinese during their first year which will not only help them to easily communicate in the country but also make it easy for them to communicate with their patients during their training program.