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Welcome To RUSSIA

Many Indian students prefer studying MBBS in Russia to studying in other countries because of its highly-subsidized education fee by the Russian Ministry of Health & Education. Plus, Russia is well-known for high-quality medical education and advanced infrastructures, equipping students with the right knowledge and practical exposure necessary to succeed as a medical professional. For students wishing to pursue MBBS or any other doctorate from a country other than India, Russia can be an excellent option. Most of the Top medical students pursue their study in Russia.

We, at Paraakhya Education Foundation (PEF), help Indian students pursue MBBS abroad by getting them admission to the best university in Russia. 

Welcome To RUSSIA

Medical Universities in Russia

Boasting 57 medical universities, Russia occupies almost 30 positions among the top 100 medical universities in the world, with each university focusing on providing students with theoretical knowledge, as well as clinical training. For students from purely English backgrounds, Russia offers 12 universities that teach medicine in English, so they understand every subject thoroughly and graduate without fail. 

Most universities in Russia are recognized by WHO and the Medical Council of the leading counties, such as the U.S.A, the U.K, Australia, India, and Canada.

Living in Russia

Generally perceived as a cold country with year-round winter, Russia is quite the opposite, as it lies in a temperate climatic zone. This means that the climate in the country varies from region to region. So, students often find living here comfortable. The cost of living in Russia is reasonable, ranging from $300-$500 a month, depending on your lifestyle. 

When it comes to tradition and culture, they are a bit different from India. Talking about food, Indian food is readily available. Plus, you have delicious local cuisine to try. All in all, living in Russia is eventful for Indian students.


Located in Asia and Eastern Europe, As we know that Russia is the largest country by land in the world. Also known as the Russia Federation, its capital is Moscow, which is one of the largest cities in the world. It shares its borders with Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Poland (via the Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, and Azerbaijan in the west and Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and North Korea in the south.

Why Study MBBS in Russia

While there are plenty of reasons to Study MBBS in Russia, here are a few of them:

  • Low and subsidized fees
  • No entrance exam and no donation
  • Easy admission procedure
  • Exposure to clinical training
  • The well-structured and established education system
  • Internationally-recognized curriculum
  • World-renowned universities
  • High living standards
  • Study in Russia is Affordable 
  • Globally accepted medical degree.
  • Ability to practice medicine anywhere in the world after getting your medical degree
  • MBBS in Russia for Indian students allows them to explore the medical world.

Make your dream of studying MBBS in Russia come true with Paraakhya Education Foundation (PEF) today.