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NEET Exam 2021 Update: 12th of Sept. 2021.


Welcome To UKRAINE

When it comes to studying medicine abroad, Ukraine in Eastern Europe is one of the most sought-after countries for Indian students. Pursuing your medical education in Ukraine means access to quality education, exposure to clinical practice, and better career opportunities after graduating from the university. Even if your NEET score is low, you can easily study in Ukraine at the top university in Ukraine and make your dream of studying medicine come true. 

We, at Paraakhya Education Foundation (PEF), help Indian students choose from the best medical universities in Ukraine and help them with the admission process, from start to finish, so that they face no trouble getting admission to a university of their choice. 

Welcome To UKRAINE

Medical Universities in Ukraine

Ukraine houses world-class government medical universities offering a range of study programs designed to equip students with much-needed skills, knowledge, and experience in medicine which are MCI approved medical colleges in Ukraine. Most universities have a top-notch infrastructure and a well-established curriculum with considerably low tuition fees. For the completion of MBBS programs in the country, it takes around 5.8 years.

The medical universities in Ukraine are approved and recognized by the world’s leading organizations, including but not limited to WHO and UNESCO.

Living in Ukraine

Ukraine is counted amongst one of the safest countries for international students, thanks to its active law enforcement, strict laws, and literacy rate. Though the language spoken by locals is Ukrainian, the majority of citizens also speak English, making it easier for students to adjust and study in the country.

For students prioritising Indian food in a foreign country, Ukraine has them covered with its large number of Indian restaurants and cafes located throughout the country, especially near universities and communities where Indian students live. All in all, Indian students have a great time living and studying MBBS in Ukraine.


A large part of Ukraine is situated south-west of the Eastern European plain, and mountains occupy an estimated 5% of the Ukrainian territory. The Ukrainian Carpathian mountains are located in the west, while the Crimean mountains are in the south. The highest peak in Ukraine is Goverla Mountain (2,061 m) and is situated in the Carpathians.

Why Study MBBS in Ukraine

  • Study MBBS in Ukraine for these reasons:
  • Globally-recognized medical degree
  • No entrance exam
  • World-class government universities 
  • Easy admission process
  • No donation requirement 
  • Better infrastructure and education
  • Low tuition fees
  • Relatively low living cost
  • Better career opportunities in the world’s renowned medical and research centres.

Planning to pursue MBBS in Ukraine? Put your plan into action and get admission to Ukraine medical university by calling our consultants today.